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Deborah Hartmann Preuss

My name is  Deborah Hartmann Preuss

I help  people who create change  to have more joy and
more impact, by bringing their strengths to 
a bigger game
through one-on-one effectiveness coaching

Hello! You have arrived at my Agile Coaching website - 'tho I rarely do that kind of work now.

Through that work, I discovered how focused one-on-one coaching can make a big difference
in the effectiveness and happiness of organisational change agents - people in roles
such as ScrumMaster, Manager, and Agile Coach.

I now channel my energy into one-on-one coaching of change agents
in English, French and German, based at my new website:

Please visit  my coaching website, to read about
my coaching in English, French and German.

I still do occasional retrospectives and team workshops.
Read more about these on my Agile Coaching website